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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wedding wednesday's

centerpiece prototype
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Going with our kind of whimsical forest theme we wanted something unusual for our centerpieces. Flowers are very pretty but I wanted something that would feel more personal and more like us so of course we have to make our own centerpieces. And yes, we are absolutely control freaks and we're so lucky to be able to do a lot of these things on our own.

It started out with these great grapevine spheres that I purchased from
I had her make them without a handle that she normally does and they turned out fantastic! I just love how the vines linger and turn around to form this sphere. Absolutely gorgeous.

Inside the sphere is real moss and I've hidden a little string of lights (battery operated) that makes it look like little fireflies are buzzing around in there. The real moss wire sprouts out from the grapevine and we've added some butterflies that I also purchased from Etsy. David and I haven't agreed upon how these moss wires actually are supposed to sprout out (read I want it one way and he wants it another) ha ha but I am sure we can come to an agreement at some point.

On the photo you see the first prototype for stand that David made. It's forged and welded metal rods. I think it looks just perfect. The sphere hangs from one of it's "tendrils" high above so you'll be able to see the person sitting across from you with no problem. Overall we're gonna have 12 centerpieces and I think David wants to make 12 different stands. He doesn't like to do the same thing over and over again and I think it's a great idea.

Our next step is to do a mock-up of the table setting with everything in place so we can decide on what kind of tea light holders we want. Sometimes it's hard to picture everything together and since we have so many details going into the table settings we want to make sure it doesn't look too busy or cluttered.

Can you tell how much I am loving all of this?


  1. This is lovely, it's so fun watching you make wonderful things for your wedding.

  2. wow I wanna see what it looks like with the lights!

  3. Thank you Tomi! I am having so much fun with it :o)

    Jaime I have to take a pic of it. It looks really cool!


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