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Thursday, June 30, 2011

the empty shell

There is something so odd about seeing 
your old home stripped down. 
Bare naked. 
Like we removed all evidence of ever being there. 

Like it was just a dream.

the nova studio
So many hours were spent in here.
Bending, shaping, hammering..
Dreaming, making, sweating ( a lot of that actually)..
I loved this room.
But I realize I loved it for what took place in there,
not necessarily the room itself.

 the wall
 Seafoamy greenish blue. My favorite color. 
I had a wall like this in Atlanta too.
Maybe there will be another one in the new house?

 the living room

the door
I am going to miss this door
It opens up halfway to let air in.
The cats used to sit perched on top of the 
lower part of the door watching us while we
would fuss around in the kitchen or living room.

 The last truck load

the new living room
Must make room for actual living in there...

 the new dining room
 yeah, the dining table doesn't fit quite yet.
Give me a day or two and I'll squeeze it in.

the new kitchen
Those boxes I simply HAD to unpack right away.
How else would I be able to cook dinner for my hard working husband?

Did I mention that we are exhausted?
Happy but EXHAUSTED!


  1. Good luck in your new place! :)

  2. That is a lot of boxes my dear lol. I can't wait to see everything all finished!

  3. oh boy..after having to move twice in 3 years, I totally understand how you both must be feeling....
    It looks beautiful though, the new house :)
    You ll have it ready in no time ;)
    Show photos when youre done ??

  4. You will have a busy weekend!
    But it will all get sorted in good time:)

  5. Grace: Thank you! It's all very exciting!

    Jaime: I know! I was surprised myself when I saw the amount of boxes we needed to get everything packed up!

    Jenny: I would love to you show you photos of when it's all organized and pretty! I hope it wont take too long. What I am dying to get done is my studio!

  6. Lenita I know you're right. Everything always get sorted out eventually. I am just the kind of person who wants it all done, right now! I just have to remember to maybe relax a little bit this weekend too. Maybe read a book... :o)

  7. I love your new home. Lots of nice parts. I especially like your kitchen design.

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