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Thursday, June 18, 2009

hard to focus

I have special eyeballs. Ever since I was a little kid I could be in complete control of them.. It's quite the party trick... Just ignore that fact that I look retarded and be blown away by my special powers..

I just can't seem to be able to focus on work today (that is my boring day job)... I know I have a tone of thing to do... but I much rather think of new designs that I can work on in my studio AFTER work :o)

I have these amazing cabs I've got from a wonderful seller on Etsy.. I'll be blogging more about that when I have a design idea ready for them... I've also got tons of ideas for enamel pieces now that I got my kiln. There is especially one necklace that I am making for Jaime from bellabijoujewellery that I want to get started on. If only there were more hours in a day!

I've had 4 weeks off Etsy now so I am very excited to be opening up my little shop again... Tomorrow is the big grand Reopening!


  1. For me!!! Really !?!?! Oh wow I and sending hugs all the way from Vancouver BC!!!I dont know what to say!
    Tess you have the most beautiful watery blue eyes - I so wish my peepers were that colour! Just gorgeous!

  2. of course I have to make you something. It's for our special task, so to say... A little piece of motivation :o)

  3. Awe well I need all the help I can get it seems!

  4. I can't even cross both eyes, much less just one! LOL
    Can't wait to see the new cabs.

  5. wow Tess, that is the coolest trick EVER! Your eyes are an amazing color...

  6. Thank you Lisa! It's funny I always thought they looked all washed out...

  7. OMGosh you are the only other person I have ever met that can do that too! Yippe I have a weird eye'd sister :)

  8. what you can do that too? I'vc never met anyone else who can!! that is awesome. Hello weird eye sister!


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