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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

STEP 1 Etsymetal Charm Swap 4

I am participating in the Etsymetal Charm 4 and I was having the hardest time deciding what to do. I finally landed on an enameled charm. I just bought a Paragon SC2 kiln (which should be arriving any day now) so I started preparing my little copper discs.

I have to make 22 charms and they have to be done by the end of august (I think). So I used my new stamp with my pretty logo from Infinity stamps. I love how detailed it is and I am very happy with that purchase.

After stamping all 22 charms on the back I drilled the hole for the jump ring. Since I will be enameling the pieces I needed to do that now... cause ofter wise I would have 22 useless charms after firing them :o)

After drilling all the holes I added some texture to the back and domed them. And all that is left now is the fun part! I think I am going to do a clear enamel on the back (which will be the side you see here) and then I want to play with some different colors on the front. I kind of want to do a bunch of different colors cause I just got some new ones in and I have been dying to play with them.

One thing I've been playing with is fusing glassbeads to the surface of the enamel and this photo is of some label pins that was a custom request. So I think I might try that with some of the charms. I have to say I am really nervous about this swap. There are some seriously talented members of Etsymetal that is participating and I really hope that they will like my charms when they are done! Heck, I hope I will really like the charms when they are done!!!


  1. cant' wait to see them. love that green!

  2. Just fabulous! I love the way the differences in the fused glass turn out!

  3. oh they will be fabulous! but yes, it is kind of nervewracking. I still wish I'd done better ones for the first one. The second ones were better - so that was good. And now I feel stuck on the 3rd one again!! But think I might have an idea...

  4. I'm such a perfectionist I always dread posting photos of unfinished work... what if they turn out crappy!!! Then I would have to publicly admit defeat... What a scary thought!

  5. Tess I love watching the process - they will be awesome!

  6. Really nice.. where did you get your custom metal stamper??

  7. I got at at
    It was about $130 and they were great to work with! I love it. The quality of the stamp is great. The details show up really well considering it's a tiny stamp. Those discs are 3/4" as a size reference.

  8. Thanks so much for mentioning where you got your stamp! I've been looking for a place to get one and wasn't sure if they were a good source. :) Just curious, how big is the marking on your stamp? I know it's small but was just curious :)

    PS - Sorry for coming back to such a late post!

  9. My logo on the stamp probably measures about 6x4 mm. so it's pretty tiny :o) Lucky I spotted your comment!


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