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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tadaaa My New Kiln!!!!!

Wait a minute...Something is missing.... WTF! Where is my window??? I can't believe I have waited so patiently for my new little friend to arrive only to discover it has the wrong door on it... Boooooo!! I am really bummed out. I've written artfulcrafter to let them know and I am just waiting to hear back from them... Their Customer Service had been less than satisfactory and I won't be shopping with them again...


  1. oh, thats a bummer - but the new kiln is very exciting anyway!!!

  2. Oh that stinks!! Good to know about the customer service though for the future. I know you've waited a really long time for this too :-(

  3. Just heard back from them. They said I could start using it and I'll just send back this door when I get the new one!!! Yay!!!

    Now I have to paint the floor with kiln wash!

  4. Ho wdisappointing that your exciting new purchase has been clouded by crappy service and the wrong door to boot!

    At least now you can start using it and don't have to wait for the right door.

  5. I know!
    I am very excited to be able to fire this baby up! I have so many grand plans for it ;o) just have to find the time...


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