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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

and it's back...

just when I thought I could smell spring in the air...  
nature greeted me with a new white outfit this morning.
gee thanks..

Don't get me wrong. I adore snow.
It sparkles.
It's white and who doesn't love white? :o)

If I didn't have to make it to work every morning
I would probably jump up and down with joy right now.
HA! I'd probably be in the back making snow angels...

lucky for me I have David.
And the trusted truckie. She's a trooper.
and no, despite David's quite ambitious sticker attempt we have yet to win the free gas...

All bundled up. Ready for work! ha ha
On the plus side, riding with David to work does not only mean a pretty view :o)
It also means I get off work earlier than I usually do 
(what can I say? I like to sleep in when I can...)
so I'll be getting back in the studio faster!

I am happy to report that my custom orders for novaoflove is almost done. Almost!! I am dying to get back to metal. Literally dying. I think my head might explode if I don't get to play with silver soon. And we can't have that. What a mess that would be...


  1. I can't believe you get to live in such an amazing spot!! I know it needs a little insulation but, seriously, what a gorgeous house!!!

  2. You know the second picture if off the church next door right? LOL
    but yes it's a beautiful house. One day I hope that we'll be able to buy something just as amazing. With the proper insulation of course.. so we don't have to sleep with our pj's on...

  3. Wow! I suppose we must remember that it is still February. I am so ready for Spring to arrive. It will be in the high 50s here in NM today. A good day for a mountain bike ride!!!

  4. Oh I am so jealous! I'm not gonna tell David you said that cause he would cry ha ha

  5. Yep - same thing happened here - days of bright sunshine, going out with out a jacket etc ( well I was at least, I tend to run hotter than most people lol) and then BAM! Crazy ice storm hits.There is a tiny sprinkling of snow on the ground here - nothing much, but that storm was a bugger!

  6. you guys are a cute couple!

    well it is winters grande finale! (hopefully) it is only february!

    I hate to tell you this but it is lovely here in Alabama...55 at night with 70 degree days...perfection!

  7. thank you :o)

    ahh I am so living in the wrong place... I used to live in Atlanta but I hated the humidity.. And now it's like living in Sweden.. Brr.. I must find a happy medium somewhere..


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