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Friday, February 25, 2011

a weekend of adventures ahead

My rehearsal dinner dress.
Just when I had given up hope of finding it.
There it was


 With tony dots of gold.

 And I finished all the wedding flowers.

Doing a happy dance as I am typing.
I get to cross off like 5 things on the list :o)

 Davids flower. With a tiny ladybug.
Psst... I have a matching lady on one of the flowers on my bouquet.
Aren't they too cute?

A flower for my lovely mother. 
She is going to give me away. 
I am so happy that she can be there on my wedding day.
She'll be traveling with my brothers all the way from Sweden.
Hopefully they won't be too jet-lagged.


  A flower for David lovely mother.
I found the perfect vintage flower for it.
Let me tell you that searching for vintage flowers is hard work.
Not all flowers are created equally.
When you find the perfect ones you 
have to grab them and hold on tight.

Flowers for David's guys

Flowers for my ladies

and hopefully that is the last of fabric flowers you'll see here for a while.
I know you must be sick of them by now.
I know I am...

I finished my bouquet and I'll show you but only if you want to.
I think this wedding stuff has taken over my life and my blog ha ha

But what I really wanted to say is that it's FRIDAY! It's finally Friday!


You know what that means?
A whole weekend of undiscovered adventures.
Hopefully all at the bench he he

I swear I can hear my stones calling..
and my silver is jumping up and down with excitement..

Better get going so we can start this weekend already!

see you later!
love ~tess


  1. Tess, they are beautiful ! I love the flower bouquet too did you make the flowers in your bouquet or they vintage finds ? your wedding is going to be the wedding to remember ! your dress, truly beautiful as well.

  2. Thank you! My bouquet is made completely out of vintage enamel flower brooches and earrings. It's quite heavy actually ha ha. Good thing I don't have to hold it the whole ceremony :o)

  3. Tess, I love that every facet of your wedding has love and intention and attention to is going to be the MOST beautiful wedding! I don't ever get tired of seeing how your big day is coming together...I think I'm almost as giddy with excitement as you are :-)

    Wishing you and your lovely man a weekend of fun and adventure!


  4. Thank you so much Belinda. Even though it's taking so much time I love working on all of these little things and it's so exciting seeing how it's all coming together. I'm so happy I can share it with all of you guys!

  5. I am visiting your blog for the first time and I am so impressed with what you have created for your wedding. The flowers are just gorgeous and so unique. I love all the layers and little embellishments.


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