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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

metal flowers and a whole lot of boxes


I stole a moment when David was cooking dinner last night.
Seared tuna with salad and couscous which was scrumptious.

 I played with my bouquet again. It's hard to layer the flowers together.
Each flower is attached to a single stem to make it feel like a real bouquet.
I grouped them together. Looked at them. Took them apart..
Scratched my head. Grouped them together again.

It's getting closer to what I envisioned. Still not sure.
Maybe I am just over thinking it?
Stella says it's just fine. 
She tried to taste one of the flowers when I looked away for a second.
I wonder what enamel flowers taste like... 
probably not as good as the roses David gave me for Valentine's. 
Those were munched on beyond recognition.

 It's official. The wedding is taking over our home.

love ~tess


  1. I think it looks fine too. It's pretty.


  2. I love your metel bouquet Tess!!!

  3. you will know when it is perfect!

    well your house is going to show a bit of wear with all the creative things you have going on! i am loving your vision though. Honestly you have a knack for unique ideas for weddings. I consider myself creative, but you have blown me out of the water with your ideas...Everything you have thought of to make your day yours!

    amazing really. well you are Amazing!

    kathleen xx

  4. Thank you ladies!
    I looked over it one more time and I think I'm happy with it. I am afraid I'll just piddle with it forever if I don't just stop and finish it :o)

    Oh Kathleen that is so nice of you. I have to say that planning this wedding is so much fun and it's making me think outside the box. Part trying to bring cost down but the biggest thing really is that David and I are both very creative and somewhat of control freaks so we want to do everything ourselves ha ha

  5. Your bouquet is just gorgeous! Where did you ever get all of those metal flowers? I think a simple satin ribbon wound around the base is all it needs.

  6. I found almost all of the flowers on Etsy. I actually did just finish it sort of like that. I used a simple ribbon around it so it would still look very much like a "simple" bouquet that you could have picked in the garden. I have to take some photos and do another blogpost!


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