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Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Party/David's birthday Party

So last Saturday I threw David a surprise Birthday party. His Birthday is on July 5th, but I figured it was a great opportunity to have a bbq to celebrate both Independence Day and David!

David was so surprised when people started showing up. We filled up the cooler with beer and other drinks! Love that corona on a hot summer day!

The kids played forever in out little pool (until they got all wrinkly). Don't pretend like you're not jealous of our awesome 8ft pool!
We also setup our badminton net which was a huge success. I suck at badminton... so instead I somehow got stuck holding the umbrella that wanted to fall down...

Kubb is an old swedish viking game. It's so much fun. You throw sticks trying to knock over little wooden blocks. I think party why I like it is cause you're not doing any running. You're perefctly find just standing there sipping on your drink...

David is such a kid.. so what's better than getting him a cookie monster to beat up? Of course we let the kids go crazy on him too!

The cookie monster slayer!!
I know, it's an obscene amount of fireworks.. I gave them to David as a part of his birthday present. We had quite a spectacular show at the end of the evening. It's too bad you can't do rockets in Philly though.. Mayeb next year we'll have to make a shopping trip out of state..

When all the fireworks were done, david made a fire and we sat around it toasting marshmallows, making smores and swatting at the mosqitoes. It was an awesome day!!!


  1. It truly looks like an awesome day! And I've played Kubb! Fun game :)

  2. Tess it sounds like the perfect birthday! What a lovely girlfriend you are! Dan turns thirty in sept and Im trying to think of a fun way to surprise him.
    As for the games - I love any thing that I can hold a cold corona and play at the same time lol. ( athough i do love badminton too)

  3. oh and BTW, I am so jealous of your yard! I miss having a yard so much! Why oh why does Vancouver have to be so rediculoulsy expensive ?? (wondering if she'll ever live in a home with a yard again!)

  4. I love having a yard!!! I just wish I had more time to enjoy it...

  5. lol at you holding that umbrella! At least you had a cold one dear! :-) I love your yard and the area people can park along!!!


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