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Monday, July 6, 2009

Two more rings finsihed!

After a busy weekend with 4th of july party combined with Davids Birthday I finally managed to steal some time for the studio! I'll post photos from our Party tomorrow!

Here's a pretty straightforward ring. I really didn't know what to name it so... It's a Glass Turquoise Swirl ring :o) I added the little balls (slightly offset) to the band cause I know I love to play with my jewelry.

The other ring I finished was my Water Flower ring which I really like! I think it turned out really nice and I hope it gets a good home soon! I really want to play more with water casting. It was a lot of fun!


  1. My water casting never turns out like anything other than round blobs lol. I love them both Tess - great work!

  2. Wonderful! I love the swirling look of it and the setting!

  3. That's awesome! I need to learn water casting!


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