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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm such a procrastinator

I've had all of these fantastic cabs lurking around in my stash but I've never got around doing anything with them... Yesterday I finally took them out and started working on them. I am not much for sketching. I just like to see what happens. It becomes what it needs to become. All the glass cabs came from a trade I did with Daydreamglass. I traded a pair of pinwheels for a whole bag of cabs. I love her stuff. I already got a bunch of her rings!

I was thinking of attaching these little balls next to the ring band. I think it will go nicely with the other round features of the ring. I've just propped it up for the photo so hopefully it won't be all wonky when I go and actually solder it to the bezel.

Ok, isn't this one cool? It's pretty big too. I think it's almost an inch and a half. It reminded me of being close to the ocean and watching the sunset... It's going to be one chunky ring!

I was experimenting with water casting and I made these tiny ones. They had just been sitting on my work bench until now. The gladd cabs has little bubbles in it and it made me think of water so there you go. Perfect! I thought they looked like tiny flowers next to the bezel. This is also going to be a pretty big ring.

I adore the ceramic seaurchins I got. I have a coupe more that I need to play with. The one with the pebbles is going to be a necklace, I just haven't decided on how I want to hang it. I might attach a hidden bail on the back and keep it clean. I also want to cut around all the pebbles for a more organic shape. The other one with the fancy bail is definitely going to be a ring.. That one will be hard to part with. I just love it already even though it has a long way to go :o)

They are all very rough right now and need some serious TLC.... I just hope I can steal some more time out of my busy schedule and finish them! :o)


  1. It all looks GREAT!! I am not that creative with my water castings, but you've inspired me to look at them afresh. :) THANKS!

  2. Thank you! I am always so hesitant to put up photos of unfinished work. It's the perfectionist in me :o)

  3. These are AWESOME! I love the way you've done the bezels. They are perfect for each cab! You ROCK!

  4. aww thank you. I think I'm blushing now :o)

    I haven't done much bezel work before so I just hope I don't mess them up before they are done!

  5. I like them! Really reminds of the sea.. Mmm..

  6. Well you already know what I think since we chatted in convos, but I really love how they are coming along! I love decorated bezels, and those cabs are so cool and unique! I love seeing work in progress!

  7. Wow they look great. The settings look so fun and compliment the cabs beautifully. I really love the rainbow striped one - pretty!!!

  8. oh man those are all so gorgeous! I love finding old findings not used and usint them. Tess they are all stunning!
    Question~ I make my own sig tags which is sometimes a PITA where did you get your sig stamp? It's nice!!!

  9. Thank you :o)
    Care, I got my stamp from
    It was $125 but then I think I paid another $30 to get it faster... So impatient :o)
    But they were great to work with and I am really happy with the quality of the stamp!

  10. Those cabs are amazing!!! The settings look fabulous Tess.

  11. Thank you Lisa! That's a great compliment coming from you. I love all your settings!!!

  12. Ive been saving my pennies for awhile for a stamp. I think ive finally settled on my sig too. Just need a few more pennies lol

  13. It's so worth it Jaime. The only thing is that I have to control myself from stamping EVERYTHING with my logo :o)

  14. ohhh wow! these are awesome! i particularly love that bezel with the little bubbles (that second last one that you'd put the the white and blue cab?)

    great work!

  15. Thank you! I like that one too. I think I am making a necklace with it, and I was playing with the idea of coloring some of the pebbles or cups.. hmm so many possibilities!


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