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Thursday, July 30, 2009

My little kittie Lisa is the laziest cat ever

When I am up late working on the computer, editing photos, listings etc this is what she does on our old armchair... She is such a relaxed little cat. We got her and Stella as rescue cats. Lisa almost didn't make it. They had her on a cart ready to be put asleep. Cause she was so tiny and couldn't feed herself. But a nice lady saved her and brought her home and bottle fed her until she was ready for a new home. And then I was so lucky to get her. She's my little baby!


  1. she is cute.. I had a kitty that looked like that named Monty!

  2. I don't blame her, I am diggin' the chair, too. My PussDaddy does that, too-rolls over on his back and stretches as far as he can stretch. Stella is cute and I am glad some one saved her.


  3. OMGosh that is such a funny picture. She is either sleeping or getting stuck inside the window.


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