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Monday, July 27, 2009

Back in the saddle!

I never have time to exercise and I can always come up with excuses or other things I just have to do instead. But the weather was beautiful yesterday and David and I decided to take the bikes out. Besides riding on my trainer I haven't done any biking for a long while (read last year..) so I am incredibly out of shape. Last year I rode my bike to work (12 mile one way) and I was in great shape :o) Yesterday we rode for a little bit over 7 miles and I thought I would die... But at least I did it. And it felt GOOD! Don't I look fab in my tight bike clothes? Funny how they seemed so much bigger last year...


  1. Tess you look great! Your such a cutie :-)
    Good for you for getting out there, you know I am just as bad. My current excuse is the weather, it is soooo hot right now ;-p

  2. aww thank you! I don't feel like one right now...
    I am soo tired of trying out 20 outfits before leaving the house cause everything sits too tight now :o(

  3. Jaime is right Tess you are SUPER cute!

  4. LOL I think you all need put those glasses on!

    I think my bike is cute though!

  5. Ya your bike is cute too!

  6. ah you and I must be kindrid souls because I do the exact same thing. Our room always looks like a bomb went of when we go out. I put all my weight on around my waist, so it is very hard to hide.
    Trust me, there have been many break downs about clothing and the way I look in it.


  7. I have to take a photo of my favorite jeans. I absolutely love them.. And no they don't fit. I don't think I can even get them over my butt right now. But that's the goal.. Get back into the skinny jeans!

    and yes, David asks why I have a wardrobe when everything is on the floor anyway :o)


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