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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Weekend Deals!

Get 25% back on orders over $50 starting now until July 12th! I hope to see you in my shop!
It's my Ocean Treasure necklace in the photo. It's a One of A kind necklace and I looorve it!


  1. Thank you guys, it's funny though cause I really love the back of this necklace. I feel so inspired by it that I am planning to make a whole series of design based on the back.. Like a little amoeba :o)

  2. In undergrad school we were lucky enough to have Bettina Speckner come and give a lecture. She does lovely work on the back of her brooches. I fell in love with it. I tried to look at some of her work online but didn't see any photos of the backs of her pieces. If you aren't familiar with her google her and you will be inspired.

  3. It's beauty! :)

    By the way - I have tagged you.. Look in to my blog for lots of questions.. :)


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