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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work in progress - New rings

Finally got some time to play! I bought these Borosilicate Glass cabs off Etsy and they've just been sitting around...

They haven't been tumbled yet so they're looking a little rough. This one is called Utopia (and I stamped that on the inside of the band). The cab reminded me of this mysterious new world in a bubble. And then being me I of course had to add something weird.. So I added a little snake that I made onto the band. Not sure if it works yet. I guess I'll find out when I finish it!

This one is called Atlantis (also stamped on the inside of the band). The cab almost looks like one of those awesome pools you just want to float around in (preferable with your shades on and a drink in one hand). I added a flattened balls around the band, like random bubbles in water. This bezel setting, one of a kind rings is getting very addictive! Hopefully I will have them all done by the end of the day so I can take photos tomorrow and post them on Etsy.


  1. Oh I love the settings already Tess! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  2. Thank you Jaime. Since it's almost midnight I won't be able to finish them tonight :o(
    Tomorrow for sure!

  3. I love those glass cabs..Atlantis seems to mesmerize me, I could fall in and get trapped on the other side.
    please post them when they are finished..:)

  4. I like the Atlantis cab! beautiful

  5. omgosh these are going to be fantastic Tess!!!

  6. Lovely cabochon. They look like they are capturing a thunderstorm!


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