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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Best Birthday ever!

So today was my b-day but David and I celebrated yesterday, and this is what we did!

David made me breakfast quiche.. It was so tasty. Notice the heart shape on top of the quiche.. Now go *swoon* cause that's what I did. He is so good to me.
Then we went for a drive in the fall weather... Drove around looking at beautiful houses. I love looking at houses... I want to buy a house so bad it hurts.. Some day...

Then I got to play in the studio while david made dinner. Do I spent a couple of hours in there.
Doesn't it look amazing? He made it all by himself!!
Wanna see what I made in the studio? Click here :o).

And for dessert he made a yummy chocolate thing. He was having some trouble with them not staying together. ..So the plate looked a little messy. But who cares?! It tastes amazing.. And he even got edible flowers.. Ahhh my little Sweetie!! Oh how I love him..

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!


  1. YUM. I am now hungry again. What an awesome guy (tell him so) and I am go glad your bday was great. Your newborns are gorgeous as usual! XOXO

  2. WOW... just WOW. Everything looks wonderful, tell David I am impressed! As for the new pieces, Im floored, you really worked your bum off!

  3. Holy toledo batman!

    I'd say you've been busy ~ gorgeous work!

  4. Oh... Happy B-day!

    What a great guy you have there :)

  5. Happy birthday!!! :)

    I totally thought you ate out when I first saw the pix... David sure can cook well and dress the plates too. :)

    I've been very pleasantly surprised by the pieces you've done for Nova of Sweden. I'd anticipated them to be somewhat of the typical hippieish affairs... How wrong of me. I especially love how you've used traditional decorative motives to subtly frame the natural texture of the stones to both complement them and give the pieces a visual integrity, each of them thoughtful and truly one of the kind. You're one of the rare Etsy artists who don't Photoshop, but I think in these cases a little tweaking of the photos is justified and actually required, because I don't think a regular point-and-shoot has enough power to capture their beauty.

  6. Thank you guys!

    I hear what you're saying Nign and I am really working on figuring out a good setting to take the photos. Especially when winter is approaching and there will be nothing but dead leaves and brown grass around!

  7. Happy Birthday! Wow your hubby can cook, and may I add that I LOVE your dishes???!!! You have a very very sweet hubby!!! (that's a wonderful thiing!) :-)

  8. Thank you Care!
    I have this weird thing about dishes. I like to buy all different ones. Nothing really matches in our household LOL Most of them I picked up at random places but some of them are from World Market. I used to shop there all the time when i lived in Atlanta.


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