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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday? Not for tess!

Today I have a busy schedule ahead of me. I opened up novadesign last week and now I have to complete the orders that have been coming in. I might put her back on vacation tonight (to open her up next weekend).

I am almost finished with my midsummer rings so I am hoping to get them listed tonight. And I am working on a fantastic custom necklace. So no laying on the sofa for me tonight! I was hoping to have lunch with a friend of mine so I better get back in the studio and get some work done. Stay tuned for an update later tonight!

I hope you get to lay on the sofa and eat chocolate all day!


  1. I have a ring to finish and a room to paint today. I can't even remember the last time i layed around doing nothing; doing so makes me crazy!
    My *relaxing* time is late in the evening, when i make a cuppa cocoa and read others blogs.

    enjoy yr day!

  2. relaxing is important but I am trying to stay busy this next week getting new sculptures done for a goal of the beginning of Nov/Dec...i've been taking an awesome sculpture class! I look forward to seeing more of your work...check my blog for updates too!

  3. I have a bit of work that needs doing, but I've been super lazy today, and now I'm off to take my son back to college.


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