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Thursday, October 22, 2009

The shop is updated!

The second Midsummer ring is now in my Etsy shop.. What else is cooking in my studio.. well you just have to check back to find out. I have some very exciting stones to work with! Right now I am working on some fall designs and I am already filled with ideas for winter jewelry!


  1. Tess, I saw one of your rings up close- in person- jaw dropped over its beauty...(and it's not even my ring)

  2. The ring is gorgeous! And a really lovely picture of you too! I do want to know do you keep your nails looking so pretty? Mine are a mess after playing with metal and tools all the time!

  3. Awww thank you guys!! Seriously I don't know why I still have nails, usually they look terrible! But I always wear plastic gloves when using Live or Sulfur and I also tape my finger when I am grinding or polishing and that helps..

  4. Tess, your shop has a strong sense of unity yet each piece maintains it's uniqueness. Loving the new work!!!!!

  5. I am so loving this!

  6. gorgeous ring! and the photo is good to know thats you

  7. thank you guys! My hair was still wet in the photo but I am starting to like that color. I might have to go darker for fall :o)


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