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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Midsummer nights.. first ring..

I finished the first one! My midsummer night ring with citrines. I've already had some interest in it so you better hurry if you wanna snag it. This baby is a size 6! It's listed in my Etsy shop!


On boy that was fast! This baby has found a new lovely home! Stay tuned for the next one... I do have another midsummer ring up my sleeve..


  1. congratulations on making such a lovely piece and having it sell so fast! Your work is great, Tess. Happy to see you didn't stay away for long!

  2. That is absolutely beautiful Tess, I am not surprised it found a home so quickly.

  3. thank you guys! I am stoked it found a home so fast!

  4. That is one STUNNING ring!!
    Nice job!


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