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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midsummer nights straight out of the pickle pot

Dreaming about warm (yes it does get warm in Sweden) summer nights and especially Midsummer. It's a magical night. You must walk in silence... cross 7 meadows and pick 7 different flowers. You mustn't speak or the magic is broken. 7 flowers under your pillow as you close your eyes to rest. The man you dream about will be the man you marry...

I will rest 7 garnets around this Rocky Butte Jasper (right) and 7 citrines around the other Rocky Butte Jaspe (left). They are now doing a happy dance in the tumbler and will hopefully be ready to oxidize and set tomorrow (after work of course... this is where you all say: BOOO for day jobs!).. :o)

oh yeah I almost forgot! The left one is a size 6 and the other one is a 8 3/4 (in case someone is interested in them).


  1. Wow! These are off the charts. Beautiful work. It gets warm in Sweden? Nah, I don't believe you. ; )

  2. Thank you. It does!! I promise. We do get a few days that are stinky hot, but the biggest difference is that the air isn't as hot and humid as it is here (especially when I lived in Atlanta. Gross). It gets just perfect in the sun!

  3. Really beautiful! I can't wait to see the final product!

  4. These are lovely! I love how you make Sweden sound so romantic, too.

  5. Tess your work is amazing! I enlarged the underside pics to see the details (I love seeing details)I hope you can quit your day job soon! :-)

  6. thank you all you wonderful ladies. One day I will play with rocks and silver all day long! One day.. Oh how I dream of that day!


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