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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the art of downsizing

–Mom says I have to downsize like everyone else
and get rid of some of my toys...
Like Mr fluffy and the little santa...  *sniffles*

–Stella come and check this out! 
I am so not happy with this.

–Hey, what you got in there?

– Like half of my toys.. *heavy sigh* 

–Ok I'm all packed! When do we leave?


  1. Too much cuteness, Tess :)

    Dear Lisa, I am sure you will discover lots of new things to play with at your new home. Stay optimistic!

  2. Heh heh bless! Simba doesn't really care for toys, but Kookie LOVES them and has quite a few small teddies that she carries around in her mouth - so very cute!! Her favourite is a soft cow. x

  3. Lisa says thank you :o)
    I promised the kitties a new water drinking fountain for their new place so she is excited!


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