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Saturday, June 11, 2011

a new set of eyes

at first I was bummed...
haven't worn glasses since 2004.

Thinking about wearing them in the rain...
coming inside after been outside in the cold (fog anyone?),
leaving red marks on your nose...

But David said I looked sexy. 
And suddenly things were looking a bit brighter :o)
And you know what? It is nice to see the world a little clearer.
Maybe I can get used to these after all.
Hope you are also having a bright and clear Saturday night!
love ~tess


  1. And the best thing with glasses is that if you lower your head, and look over the rim... you look dead serious. Hehehehee.. I use that A LOT at work when I want things done my way.

    And you do look hot in them. :)

  2. HOTNESS! he he! I've worn glasses since I was around 5 and I don't feel like me without them on (plus I can't see so well with contact lenses!). Plus I find they help hide my eye bags lol. X

  3. Ha I should be wearing glasses for close up work but scratched the lens badly and can't afford to get them sorted at the mo!! And you do look fab in them!!

  4. ha! Thanks ladies :o)

    Jaime, thank you. They're sort of a matte black front and the sides are a little bit brown (tortoise) and the inside is light blue!

    Anna-Karin, I am so going to use that at work!

    Nikki, I used to wear contacts too (before my Lasik) but my eyes got super sensitive and I had to stop..

    Jo, I was lucky cause my work covered most of the cost.

  5. They look lovely. You'll be amazed at what you can see now!!!

  6. You look beautiful Tess! David is right.

  7. Very pretty.
    Being able to see is a nice benefit.

  8. Ahhh...I need a new pair too...and also to start wearing them as well..darn blindedness! ...Maybe next year...heheh :)
    You look FABULOUS dawling!!! ;)

  9. You look adorable in them!

  10. ahhh *blushes* You ladies make me feel like a princess :o)

  11. Cause you look sexy in them. :)
    I may need glasses too. Jewelry making and fire from torch aren't good for eyes.


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