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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The boxes are stacked from floor to ceiling.
Can't find my hairbrush. Or any of those important
papers I needed to keep track of...

Arms are sore and bruised from moving.
Feeling exhausted yet so awake.
It's exciting.

Lisa and Stella are settling in quite ok.
Despite the incident in the car.
A 45 minute car ride proved to be too much for Stella...
who hacked up all over a terrified Lisa...

Yeah it was pretty gross.
Yet I couldn't stop laughing at the whole scene.
Stella looking seriously confused with a white foamy puke around her little mouth.
Lisa staring at me with giant eyeballs.. ha ha

The next morning I awoke to find Bruno in our bed.
Not an uncommon sight as Bruno often sleeps with us.
Slightly odd though since I had packed Bruno with the rest of
Lisa and Stella's toys...


  1. Aw bless poor kitties!! I do think being puked on must be worse than puking though?! X


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