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Monday, June 20, 2011

the honeymoon

There's not quite anything like doing nothing.
I like doing nothing.
No musts.

and lots of reading.
David read to me...
love novels ha ha.
And guess what? I think he liked them :o)

breathing fresh air and 
getting moss stuck between your toes.

sleeping baby deer

the mullet...
We decided to give David a new haircut. 
His long hair was driving him crazy 
in the gazing hot sun.

so of course I had to give him a mullet... 

before we made it into a mohawk...
I am really liking his shaved head.
SO HOT! :o)
...and I gave myself some bangs.
I know! I have totally been holding out on you!

I have this love/hate relationship with my bangs.

Today I am wearing them up... 
Maybe tomorrow I'll love them again and
let them come out and play...

long talks about everything between heaven and earth.
Smores in the cabin. Lots of kissing :o)

small confession...
I am a terrible diver.
I freak out. 
I can't open my eyes, so I can't see.
Scary stuff.

the cabana

the jordans 

ahhh that week went by WAY too fast.
It was pretty crazy. 
It was the first real vacation we have had.
I mean we have traveled together but always 
to see family. Which we all know is usually more
on the stressful side then the relaxing one.

I can't wait to plan our next vacation.
Just him and me.
And a beach!

happy monday!
love ~tess


  1. Thank you Amy! I look a bit younger I think :o)

  2. Wonderful honeymoon spot...looks so very private,,,lovely! Sue♥

  3. Wonderful, the sunburned and happy couple. The only place doing "nothing" is possible is away from home. Nothing is everything!


  4. So glad you had a joyous honeymoon.

  5. Aah it looks and sounds amazing! The little deer is beautiful. There is nothing quite like a holiday with just two of you :-) x

  6. what a beautiful place...where is it? I just loved the amazing to come upon him.

  7. Love the bangs....looks like you had a beautiful honeymoon. I can't believe you were able to get that close to the fawn...too cute.

  8. Oh, you two are just so adorable, Tess! What an idyllic honeymoon...I bet you didn't want that week away to ever end!


  9. Thank you ladies! The bangs are growing on me hi hi.
    The little fawn was just resting there. Absolutely beautiful. His colors were amazing!

    Judy it was upstate NY, a place called cedarlake.

  10. Oh wow its looks so peaceful ~ love Davids hair ~ I also got a fringe cut ~ I think thats what bangs means lol!!!

    Thanks for sharing :))

  11. Love this post! Tess you are gorgeous!!!!
    your honeymoon looks so fun! flora and fawn-a ;-)

  12. Jo: Fringe I like that. Sounds lighter than bangs. :o)

    Liz: awww thank you sweetie!

  13. Wow! A deer sleeping!!!
    Looks like it was a nice, relaxing time!
    Love the new hair-do's! All-around! :D

  14. the location is wonderful. i love the hair transformations.


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