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Thursday, September 29, 2011

He held her like a seashell and listened to her heart

mermaids tail

One glorious ceramic barnacle created from scratch by yours truly.
Robins egg blue with little craters in pale pink.
A dangling scrumptious filigree seaweed kelp hangs 
below the barnacle.

She will be added to the shop on Friday.
But she won't be alone.

you never know what else will wash up ashore...

Could be another small mermaids tail...

 and maybe some small ceramics starfish studs
for your lovely lobes...

and there could be more :)

I guess you better come back tomorrow
if you're curious!
love ~tess


  1. Tess! You're so right! Ceramic and filigree DO look good together. Can't wait to see what other goodies you have in store...

  2. They look great together. love them both!

  3. Fabulous Tess...the filigree tails are the perfect touch...the pieces are so unique!

  4. Amy ~ I am starting to think that filigree looks great with everything ha ha but I am very partial. I should have more photos of everything for my shop update tomorrow!

    Kathleen ~ thank you for the love!

    Sandi ~ Thank you. I can't wait to show you guys my next idea for those little seaweeds! If it works out I think it will look great :)

  5. Really gorgeous and unusual:))
    The toggle adds so much to the necklace.
    Fab work!

  6. Chloe ~ thank you my dear!

    Grace ~ :) thank you!

    Lenita ~ thank you so much! My friend Esme said it reminded her of seaweed wrapped around something which is exactly what I was going for!


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