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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

out of the heat

twelve hours they kept me waiting

but they all showed up for the party!

After baking them in my kiln for what seemed like an eternity,
this morning I could finally open the little door and take a look.
Fully prepared to face a war zone of exploded pieces...
I was stoked to discover that they all survived.

And they are divine.
(like any proud mother would say)

The pale gray has turned into a beautiful rock hard ceramic white.
A clear canvas for me to paint with luscious glazes.

and while David fell asleep in front of design star
I made 4000 little starfish inspired studs.
Well maybe not 4000 but I made A LOT.

 :) formerly known as :o)

I was told by my younger (and obviously much cooler) little brother than NOBODY writes :o) anymore... 
Ha ha made me feel like a dinosaur


People we now have a soldering station.


love ~tess

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  1. Yay!!! You did it! You have given me the courage to think (notice I said "think" ;-) ) about trying to fire Isabella's creations.... When I bought my paragon sc3 kiln, it was billed as a low fire ceramic kiln as well as all the other stuff you can do with it.... The people I bought it from claimed you couldn't fire ceramics in it. So they were no help in telling me how to do it. Isabella's pottery teacher is only used to firing in large kilns, and claimed that you didn't want to fire ceramics and metal clay and enamel in the same kiln. So that shot me down again. I had all but given up thinking it couldn't be done, and here you've done it! Fabulous! Can't wait to see the final outcome!

  2. YAY! I've fired enamels and pmc in my little sc2 so it's definitely doable. Just not at the same time and you have to vacuum out your kiln and keep it clean. I programmed mine to fire to a cone 04 (that's the degree my clay needed to be fired at). I can share the numbers with you if you want them, just let me know. Do you know what clay she used so you know what temperature you need to fire it at?

  3. Tess, I'm going to send you a convo when I get home. I'm going to have to look up what kind of clay she used. Thanks for your help!

  4. Wow it's all coming together so well, I bet you're excited. I like your clay work, little planets and meteors.

  5. Oh wow! They turned out so great! Can't wait to see what you'll do with them!
    Loving that exhaust fan above your soldering station! So jealous! :-)

  6. Great work station...I am anxious to see your finished sea creatures.


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