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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the second wave

look what I found in the kiln this morning!

experimental pieces... need some tweaking but kind of fun




my favorites out of this batch

and some ocean bling for your lobes

a coral reef necklace in progress 
It's got barnacles, coral texture and sea anemones!

A little barnacle, sea anemone urchin thingie.
Did I tell you I love clay?

but don't worry!
There IS still some metal in the works :)

love ~tess


  1. looks like you've been having lots of fun!

  2. Amy I have! How did you firing go? Did you try it yet?

  3. Love seeing your progress on these Tess, I am excited about the direction you are going with this new work! Love the new blog banner too :-)

  4. The texture, the colors, the...Everything!!! I LOVE these and can't wait to see what they get turned into!

  5. Your banner is soooooo cute! I also love your urchins...especially that little pink one.

  6. Tess....way to go....lovely, unique, unusual, romantically scientific, little creations. As for the banner.....well I LOVE IT!

  7. Jaime ~ I have really been trying to take pictures all along this process. I work like a butterfly moving from one direction to another and I wanted to try and capture this adventure! Thank you for the blog banner love :)

    Jenny ~ Thank you so much!

    Sierra ~ Thanks lady! I have a ton of ideas for these little guys. I just need to find the time to execute!

    Sandi ~ I didn't think I would like the pink one as much as I did. It turned out great! Thank you so much.

    Sue~ Eeeek! So many lovely words all at once :) Thank you so much!

    Gunilla ~ thank you so much! How's the weather back in Finland? Are the trees changing colors yet?

  8. they really did come out great. i love the colors, shapes and textures.

  9. Go go goooo!!!! You are on a path to glory, lady :) xoxox


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