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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my first batch of sea creatures




Some of colors didn't come out quite how I envisioned but
I still love every single one of my little creatures.

The little dove gray spiky barnacles are my favorites.

Which one is your?

love ~tess


  1. I like the one with the orange in the recesses, and the one that sort of looks like an urchin shell with the dark red in the recesses. How exciting that they turned out so well!

  2. Wow!! They are fabulous!!
    I think my favourites are pic 3.
    That is a lot of work! You've been a busy girl:)

  3. I couldn't possibly choose, I love them ALL!!! How wonderfully talented you are, Tess!!!

  4. Amy - I like the shape of the craters in the orange one too. I am kind of surprised they didn't blow up in the kiln ha ha feeling very lucky

    Lenita - Thank you! The ocean pods are fun aren't they? I wanna make some more and play around with the colors.

    Nancy - Thank you so much. It means a lot coming from such a ubertalented lady as yourself! :)

  5. These are so beautiful!!! I love their "ocean wonderland" vibe and the COLORS!!! Such inspired creativity!!!

  6. Sierra - thank you! I like what that.. ocean wonderland... Sounds like my kind of place! :)

    Chloe - thank you so much!

  7. They are all adorable but I like the two you are holding...they look like little faces. What fun you must have had.

  8. Thank you Sandi. David called the little one a cyclops. Isn't that cute?

  9. i have to say i love them all too! so pretty. love the hints of color that pop out of the holes.


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