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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

date night!

We hardly ever have time for each other. But mostly that is my fault cause I spend so much time in the studio when I come home from work. So I decided that David and I need more time for each other. Time to do couple things. You know, like laundry, cleaning, cooking fun stuff like that. :o) Stuff that David has been taking care of pretty much all by himself so I could play with fire and silver. And also time to just hang out in front of the TV and watch a good movie... but most importantly time to go out for dinner and a movie!

Date night!
So tonight that is exactly what we're doing. Not sure which movie we are seeing but I know that we are going to my favorite restaurant in East falls and I am so ordering my crab sui mai (sp?) ohhh they are so good! And maybe some sushi :o) I'll be good though and stay away from dessert (maybe some popcorn for the movie though...). But I did sign up for a gym today and I am going tomorrow after work so I feel like I am getting healthier already!

Ok got to go, my sweetie is calling!

See you later


  1. Have fun - I wish Dan and I could have date night, but with his constant working till ten, and my usually working early it kinda blows. We rarely even get the same day off together!
    Enjoy the movie ( and the popcorn - you gotta!)

  2. It's about dang time, right? Oh have some dang pop corn - mix it with milkduds and reeses all at the same time YUM.


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