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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

straight from the studio

straight from the studio
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I haven't spent that much time on the Etsy forums lately and I am realizing how productive I really can be. The trick is not to get sucked back to staring at the computer or tempted by the TV (and the sofa.. oh the sofa is soo comfortable..)

So I had a busy weekend in nova... First batch out are all rings but I do have some necklaces on the bench that will be included (hopefully) in my Friday shop update.

• Fall Flower with dryhead agate - custom order
• Forget me not ring with blue opal for my shop.
• A very late christmas gift for my friend Harsha - Chrysocolla, cuprite, and azurite Cabochon.
• Remembering with ocean jasper - custom order

and now it's back to work.
Have a wonderful day@


  1. I am smitten over the opal!

  2. Beautiful creations. Your work is always so lovely and unique♥

  3. Thank you!
    Gabby I am smitten too :o)


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