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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year... New opportunities..

This Christmas was good in many ways... I took time off from making, musts, cleaning and all other things that has just been draining me. It was really nice to look back at the past year and think about all the good things that has happened. New skills I've acquired, new friends I've met, challenges that I've learned from and things that have made me grow. I've learned not to judge, to be more open. To not let others insecurities bring me down. To stand above gossip and to keep my head up high and my heart pure. I am proud of what I've accomplished and how far I have come. There is something wonderful in being positive and welcoming. It opens up so many doors and brings so many new people into your life. It's a path I will continue to walk on. Sometimes the path is filled with large rocks and roots and sometimes it feels like that hill will never end... But as you walk, look around you and enjoy everything you pass by. It's truly not getting to the top of the hill that matters. It's what you learned getting there..

So for the new year, I hope that I will continue to learn and create. Continue to meet friends and share memories. I need to eat better, sleep more and snuggle more often. I need to find a good balance between my day job and my passion. Anyone struggling with doing a full time job as well as trying to run a business knows what I talk about. It is not easy. I have so many great plans. So many dreams but so little time. I need to realize that life is happening now as I am typing this. Life is not what I am planning or hoping for will happen. Its now. Live in the moment and love every minute of it.

David got really sick right after the new year. It really scared me. As he was laying on the bed in ER with the IV stuck in his arm looking like a little shadow of himself I realized that nothing besides having love and giving love matters. Everything else is pretty trivial. So I hope that if you're reading this that you will take that with you. Be happy and love more!

with a big fuzzy heart


  1. I hope David is well. Good to see you again!

  2. I too hope that your man is feeling better...there are some nasty bugs about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the year that was and is to be...

  3. of course you will learn more and create new pieces, you have an amazing talent. i hope your beloved feels better. and i agree, we all need to live in the moment.

  4. Tess I am so lucky to have had the chance to befriend you this past year. You are a sweet soul and it shows in your work. You should walk tall knowing all you have accomplished - you and I both know how hard it can be to run a business while working full time!
    hugs - Jaim

  5. It does constantly surprise me that you actually have another full time job. What you've done in the past year is in effect an(other) full time profession already.

    You rock, girl. :)

    And thanks for inspiring me to really go do something that's my real passion.

    Wish you a great 2010. ^_^

  6. Thank you guys! David is recovering, he's home in bed today too but I'm happy to say that the fever is completely gone!

    Jaime one day we'll be able to do our passion full time!

    Nign as always, thank you for your encouragement. You inspire me with your kindness!

  7. Said so well and so true.

    I am glad to call you my friend!

    Glad David is feeling better.


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