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Thursday, January 28, 2010

trying to stay awake...

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It's not that I was up late last night. I actually went to bed on time for once. I didn't work in my studio and I had 2 glasses if wine...

I think I am just really tired. Emotionally tired from work. Physically tired from doing a full time job while trying to get my little business going. It's a lot tougher than one could think. Don't get me wrong I love every second I spend in the studio. That is truly what keeps me going.. I am just sooo darn tired right now...

Maybe it's time for some more coffee. Only a couple of more hours before I get to go home and be creative again..

I'm hoping to have 2 necklaces ready for you tomorrow. Plus the forget me not ring..


say something funny so I don't fall asleep on my keyboard



  1. Oh I know how you feel right now! I have been working all the late shifts at work since the hour cuts, which means I only really get time on my days off to work. There just isn't enough time in the mornings to get any decent work done before its shower and go time. I def. feel like I am burning the candle at both ends.

    Sorry - nothing funny, I just understand!

  2. This probably sounds too adventuresome for your taste, but if you have enough savings to tide you over for six months, how about quitting your boring, tortuous day job? If you're worried that Nova can't generate enough income for you to live on in the near term, there should be some stable work, a job even, for a jewelry maker of your expertise, so changing your job might be another option, unless you're relying on your company to help you renew your work visa to stay in the US, though given how long you've been there, you should be eligible for permanent residence already. If not, then that's probably a reason to get married. ;p

    Just some thoughts. :)

    Oh, and, by the way, I just/ finally started a blog that I think I can carry on doing (I have had too many half-assed blogs that I abandoned eventually). I kind of don't think what I tend to write about (semi-avant garde fashion) is what you'd be interested in, but here it is

  3. Some things to entertain you through your day:


    My favorites :)

    This one is by a Swede

    If you already read some or all of them... Never hurts to reread anyway. These are good. :)

  4. Jaime thank you I know that you understand.

    Nign I do wish I could just quit but as you mentioned I am tied to this work for the next while. But trust me as soon as I get a chance I will try and spread my wings and fly away.. far far away from IKEA :o)

    Thank you for the entertainment! :o)
    Now I have to go and check out your blog!


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