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Thursday, January 14, 2010

my photo tent

new photo set up, originally uploaded by novadesigns by tess.

I finally invested in a photo tent.... and I am so happy. Now I can take photo regardless the time of day. No more chasing the daylight!
But I have to fight Lisa for it. She thought I got her another tent to play in. And she says it so warm and snuggly in there.


  1. Good for you! I've been thinking about getting one myself... and of course the cats will always have to investigate ;-)~

  2. Ha ha ha! I have the same issue, it must be very snuggly inside them!
    Keep a lint brush on hand, when you go in for the close-ups there will always be a couple of cat hairs on the shot!

  3. My long-haired orange cat loves my photo tent too!

  4. Seems to be a global problem. I have pics of my cat enjoying herself in my phototent too.... :)

  5. yeah how is it, that you never spot those little hairs until you're at the computer looking at your photos!


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