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Monday, January 11, 2010

winter glow and other goodies

Finished up a custom midsummer ring for a lovely lady. She turned out really beautifully. I kissed her goodbye and put her in her lovely box. Tomorrow she will be on her way to her new home!

A gorgeous stone. What can I say? It needed some 14k rose gold to hold it company. It's another Autumn window. A smaller window. But still a window. I can see the sun from where I am sitting... can you? She is a size 6. Look for her in my shop tomorrow.

Winter Glow. I had these memories of snow from Sweden. Beautiful snow that is anything but white. This porcelain jasper is a good substitute for snow. Except you can't make the little snowball lanters out of her. So I made them out of silver instead and flush set a rhodolite (instead of the usual tealight) on top to spread the light in the winter evening. She is a size 7 and if you've fallen in love I suggest that you come and see her in my shop tomorrow.

and now I am off to snuggle up with a wonderful (and fever free) boyfriend and two little kitties that insist that the best place to sleep is in between David and yours truly. Which is of course absolutely correct!



  1. I love Sweden even though I haven't been there, but I know the boys are hot. Hope to get to meet you there in the summer, then you can show me the beauty in person behind the rings :)

    Love them as usual!

  2. oh my, that Autumn Window is calling my name - I love everything about it! All three pieces are gorgeous - I am just finishing up a porcelain jasper ring myself - although mine seems boring now compared to yours!

  3. Gabby I am afraid that you will never come back if you go :o) But I would love to show you all my favorite spots in Sweden!

    Isn't that stone something else Jaime?! I can't wait to see your porcelain ring. I doubt that it's boring! It will uniquely yours and beautiful!

  4. luscious stones in gorgeous pieces. :)


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