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Monday, January 25, 2010

an old friend

an old friend
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I've had this pair of jeans for 7 years. We're old friends. You could say that we're pretty tight.. at least we're now, before I can get back in shape.

I love everything about them. The flared legs, the colors and yes of course the embroidery. The details are amazing. I love that there not like any old pair of jeans. They're special. One of a kind. A little quirky. You either love them or hate them. Maybe I see myself in them.

They're perfect jeans for boring Monday mornings. When I'm stuck at the office I can look down and get glimpse of the happy threads swirling around my legs. And I daydream about patterns, shapes and beautiful things... It makes the day seem less gray.

Now I'm curious to hear what's your favorite pair of clothing..



  1. I'm trying to think ~ my fav jeans at the moment are falling to pieces :( but I tend to get more attached to scarves hahah ~ I have so many and each reminds me of something lol!! YOu'll always find me wearing a scarf around my neck ~ well except when I am soldering ;}

  2. That's great Tess! I have this awesome Eileen Fisher knee length jacket that I wear all the time when I'm blue. I bought a second one just in case anything happened to it, I'd be lost without it. It's like a wearable secutiry blanket!

  3. I have an old holey wool sweater with a hood and a zipper that I can't bear to part with. I call it my "Mr. Rogers Sweater" and I love it.

  4. Love those jeans! I have a few faves - vintage crocheted dress that I love to wear in the summer and it can be dressed up or down, a suede and faux fur jacket that turns heads and several scarves....need to find a new fave pair of jeans as I can't keep patching LOL!

  5. OK this may sound funny, I have an old pair of classic Addidas track pants - the old school kind. Got them when I was 12, and they were 5 inches too long. Back then the cool thing to do at school was to buy pants and then safety pin under the cuff ( dunno why it was cool, looked ridiculous would shiny pins showing through the front of the pants)
    Anyways, I literally wore those pants for YEARS - until they didn't need to be hemmed at all, and a little after they were a bit too short lol. Then one day my little brother "borrowed" ( *cough* stole) them, and shredded the inside leg when it caught on his bike spokes.

    You would think I would give them up at that point ? NOPE! Sewed them up and kept them! I still have them, don't wear them anymore, but can't get rid of them, I feel like they tell a story!

  6. I love reading about all of your favorite clothing :o)


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