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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

tuesday rants

The day job was soul sucking as usual. Well actually I think it felt worse if possible. I am having a hard time focus on graphic design as I day dream of getting back in the studio...

Got home and made some fish with coconut sauce and rice. It turned out better than I thought. I like to wing it when I cook. Sometimes I make magical things. Sometimes I make less tasty food :o) But it keeps things more interesting don't you think?

I finished another custom midsummer ring! Ocean Jasper yumminess with peridots. It turned out wonderful. If I may say so :o)

and I also decided to offer a couple of Valentine Day Sale designs. Take a look in my shop to see what you need to tell your hubbie that you want LOL. Here's the fun stuff on sale!

and that's it for me. Time to hit the sofa for a little bit.
Thanks for dropping by and please tell me what you had for dinner tonight in the comment section. I need some inspiration for the next adventure in the kitchen.



  1. That rings turned out awesome Tess!
    Do you and David like Thai curry ? I have a really tasty red curry recipe that is soooo good!

  2. oh yes I loorv thai. gimme the recipe lady!

  3. Ill convo it to you, its yummy and easy!

  4. I love this, as always!

    Yum, you two are making me so hungry :)

  5. Thanks Jaime!

    and now I am off to work again...

  6. I had to wing it in the kitchen last night too. We had baked tilapia and rice. I usually mix a little mayo with lemon and dill and then coat the top of the fish and then throw on some panko, but we were out of mayo. The closest thing I had was ranch dressing! So I threw it on, and my kids loved it!

    I saw your comment on my flickr pic of my grandpa's rings. You had the same exact reaction that I did. It's all been done before design wise. I run around scared sometimes of "copying" someone else's designs (unwittingly of course), and then I look at these rings, and it reminds me.

    Beautiful ring btw. Have a great day!


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