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Monday, March 21, 2011

I spent most of the weekend in the studio. 
David was outside building the backdrop for the wedding.
And then the screen door litterally fell off when I opened it.
So then he had to re-attach it again...
I think he muttered something about whoever used
finishing nails to attach it in the first place wasn't very sharp...
and no it wasn't me!

I "only" finished two Lycka rings.. 
I wanted to get so much more done. 
I am dying to set a date for the next shop update. 

I think I am starting to come to terms with that 
I am not very fast when I work in the studio. 
I am careful and my process takes a long time. 
But I enjoy every bit of it. 
Hopefully it will all be worth it...

in my studio:

I am a fluttering butterfly moving from piece to piece

My brain moves so much faster than my hands

I'll celebrate a small victory by singing to myself ... oh yeah I did it!

I'll mutter some Swedish curse words when things fail....   skit ocks√•!

I feel so free in my own little world of filigree and stones...

Can someone please tell me where the weekend went?
Surely that was not two full days? 
Someone must have stolen Sunday... 

Can I please have it back!

love ~tess


  1. I like weekends in my studio without interruption, free of the computer...

  2. Ah I spent lots of time in the studio too...BLISS. It's funny how sometimes lots gets done, and other times not much gets done... The rings are GORGEOUS! X

  3. the weekend ran away! that's where it went. Can't wait to see your new things!


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