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Monday, March 28, 2011


I swear I only left the studio for a quick 
coffee refill or bathroom break this weekend :o)
But I almost finished it!

Thought it could be fun for you to follow along my studio
weekend so I tried to take lots of photos along the way.

The gnarly soldering block...

I started with soldering all the little embellishments 
to the silver triangles I had cut earlier.

I found this gallery bezel wire I thought would
look pretty at the bottom of the crown.
Did I tell you I love binding wire?

It adds a little something extra don't you think?

Phew... I didn't melt any filigree wire when I soldered them.

I didn't want super modern straight lines on my crown 
so I shaped all around the edges.


Added these cute little guys to hold bobby pins.
Don't want the crown to fall off my head!

More binding wire :o)


Some polishing, tumbling and just a little bit of
oxidization I think will do the trick!
And then I have to flush set all them little stones.

Diamonds? Uhum.. no but I wish!

Small clear and champagne colored 
cubic zirconia stones will add some sparkle.
Total of 40 stones...  So I'll be busy this week too!

54 days to go....

Enough daydreaming... now I have to get to work!
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
love ~tess 


  1. This crown is GORGEOUS !!!
    Love it !!!

  2. Soo very wonderful. Just enchanting. Is it for a wedding? Wear it in good health and endless creativity.

  3. thank you ladies!
    Lora yes it's for my May wedding :o)
    But I might have to make it a part of my official studio uniform after that. Apron, safety glasses and a princess crown!

  4. It looks AMAZING, even better than I ever imagined when you first mentioned a crown to me!

  5. It' fantastic, so unbeliveable just wow, words can't even describe it, your work is great, love the filagree doodads that makes the crown I am very immpressed gosh I am almost speechless and that is alot for me to be.

  6. the crown looks like something out of a Swedish fairy tale. what a lovely addition to your wedding attire.

  7. INCREDIBLE! Amazing, amazing work!

  8. I love how petite it is. Gorgeous!

  9. Love it! What a fantastic idea! You will be such a beautiful bride! :)

  10. Oh WOW WOW WOW! So pretty!! Can't wait to see it with the sparkles in it!! X

  11. Goodness gracious woman- It's gorgeous!! What a beautiful keepsake to pass down to future generations!

  12. So awesome!!! What a beautiful heirloom you have created!!!

  13. You are one talented gal! The crown is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the stones set in.

  14. Super duper amazing! You will be stunning on your big day:)

  15. Oh Tess this is amazing wait until Elli (my dd) see's this when she gets home from school I think she want one lol!!!

  16. oh wow! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments!

  17. Oh men jösses!!! Precis som en gammal svensk brudkrona. Helt underbar!

    I think you've just created a family heirloom. I am truly speechless.


  18. Jätte Fint! varje prinsesans dröm

  19. This is as incredible as you are! This will be cherished for centuries!

  20. this is amazing, I am really impressed!

    Such good work, and so attractive.

  21. A wonderful crown for a beautiful woman!

  22. Your crown is sooooo amazing...WOW!

  23. You guys are so sweet. It fills my heart with so much joy to read your lovely comments and to know that you are following my wedding journey!

    love you all to bits and pieces!

  24. Absolutely STUNNING! I can't wait to see the completed piece and I bet you cannot wait to wear it!!!!

  25. I have goosebumps, Tess! This crown is utterly amazing, breathtakingly beautiful, and instantly an know that your daughter/s are going to be wearing this beauty for their own weddings one day ;-)

    It is perfect in every way :-D


  26. That crown is truly a work of art. So amazing! Beautiful work!

  27. Tess, that is incredible: an heirloom your family will treasure for centuries, I am sure.... amazing.



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