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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sprouting and sleeping beauties

the crown
I am so indecisive about the design.

Filigree swirls
and roses...


or maybe something like this?
I need every day to be 36 hours instead of 24!

tiny wings
I think they are destined to be a pair of studs 

whimsical fairytale bird
not sure what she is destined to be yet.
But I know she will be one special birdie!

Before Christmas I decided I needed some hyacinths.
I couldn't find the kind I wanted only the one you were
supposed to plant in your garden.

But I was determined.

3 months later..

...we have success!
Can't wait for our home to be filled with
their sweet scent.

Zzzzz Zzzzz
 wish you could see her tiny paws moves 
as she dreams about chasing that mouse that has
been living under stove...


What is going on?
Where the heck did the mouse go?


Stop taking my picture!
I just woke up and haven't even brushed my whiskers..

Feeling a little bit more tired than usual.
Which is strange since I have cut down
a lot on my work when I put two of
my shops on vacation.
I might be coming down with some sort of bug..
David have had the sniffles and sneezing a bit
so it is very possibly he has rubbed off on me.

Bad timing to get sick with everything that
has to be done with the wedding.

73 days to go!

Better drink some tea with honey and lemon now

love ~tess


  1. Your crown has me intrigued, and can't wait to see the finished product. Sweet kitty and so pretty with her pink nose and paw pads. I have 3 cats and could not live without them!
    Your hyacinths will be glorious...I am so jealous!

  2. Do you just have those hyacinths resting on rocks? Do you water them daily?
    (i obviously don't know much about gardening)
    I could use something blooming around here for a cheer up!
    The crown is coming along- that is a ton of silver. I love the design you showed the close up of.

  3. Thank you Judy!

    Jaime you just put the bulbs on rocks and fill up some water (not too much so you cover any of the bulb). You just want a little to touch the bulb where the roots come up. They have pretty much all they need inside the bulb. And then you just have to be patient ;O)

    Yeah it's a lot of silver. I hope I don't screw it up ha ha. I like the close up one too. I wanna add some flush set stones and then do some decorative border along the edges. Like some scalloped design or something. I'll keep playing with it. But I want to try and have it finished by april 1st when my second dress fitting is..

  4. The crown ideas seem to be sprouting like the hyacinths! I like the swirls and roses, it is tricky to decide--have fun with the designs! it makes me want to get some lovely smelling bulbs in the apartment...

  5. You're jewelry piece will be exquisite, I can't wait to see how it turns out.

    There is nothing more beautiful than the scent of hyacinth, yummy!

    Adorable kitty with pink toes is doing what you need to do, follow her lead... xo

  6. Ohhh wow its going to be amazing ~ and those little angel wings for studs are sooo sweet!

    I can't think what Hyacinths smell like ~ we've just planted sweet peas and freesias ~ my favourite smell on a flower!

  7. thank you ladies! Yes I think I need to snuggle up with Lisa and just relax a bit :o)

    Jo they have a sweet but very strong fragrant smell. I remember my mother was sensitive to strong smells and she usually couldn't take more than a few days of hyacinths in the house. We'll see if I can survive an army of blooming bulbs!

  8. i have loved every idea for your wedding so far! you are amazingly talented. the crown will be beautiful and cannot wait to see it!

    i will be using your idea about the bulbs because I have never thought of that. love it!

    kathleen xx

  9. Thank you Kathleen!

    I always used to grow the bulbs like that when I lived in Sweden. I even bought those bulb vases that I have in the last photo specifically for them. It's looks really cool with the roots just growing in the water. David was so nice to make me the planter box with the rocks for the rest of the bulbs I got. They definitely grow faster with the vase but the other ones are slowly starting to peek out!


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