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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

its gonna be a big one

 The bench is in disaster shape right now.
I have been working like crazy to complete 
some new work for my next shop update.
I have kept you all waiting for so long that I feel like
I need to make up for it.

So the next update 
(date to be announced later)
is gonna be a big one.

I am not going to Reserve any of these pieces.
I feel that it's most fair for everyone to list them
at a first come first served basis.

I'll blog previews of all of them in advance and I will
let you know when the final goodies will be in the shop
so that you can plan to skip work and camp out in front
of the computer. ha ha just kidding!

Yes you are correct. There will be two sugar skulls in this batch. 
One with a golden flower for eye. It's going to be divine.

And a collection of my new designs LYCKA rings. 
They're precious little gems. Well they are "little" for being me.

I'll explain in a future blogpost what exactly LYCKA means for all of you non swedes.

The raven who stole the sun. 
He is in dire need of tail feathers. 
He's looking a little naked don't you think?

And here's the birdie I showed you earlier. 
He got reworked a bit and found a gorgeous heart of stone.
My favorite color.

 Mr Owl. He's not soldered together yet. 
I haven't decided if I love Mr Owl yet.
He kind of reminds me of a crab. With an owl head. 
Not sure that's a good thing.

 A soaring high ring. I LOVE this one! Yum yum yum

And finally another birdie..

I know... lots of birds this time. 
What can I say. My imagination has been flying high lately.
There are also two other scrumptious rings in the works. 
I simple cannot work on one thing at a time.
But I will show you pics of them later. 
I hope this was enough to peak your interest!

and now back to work!

love ~tess


  1. Holy cow! Yes a huuuge update! I like Mr Owl :-) x

  2. Ooooh, amazing stuff!!! Love the Lycka rings and all the birdie wings!


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