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Monday, April 18, 2011

candy blossoms

First I have to start off with saying that your amazing support 
totally blew me away this weekend. I spent Sunday
packaging up orders and writing notes to lovely ladies.
They are all going out in the mail today.
Thank you so much!

Saturday was raining.
A lot.
David and I hopped in the old truck 
 and drove around doing wedding errands.
Got a lot done but we still have a lot on the to do list.
It's starting to feel a little like: 
you take one thing off the list and then add three more :o)

Sunday was absolutely wonderful.
A little chilly but the sky was blue and the sun was warm.
I slowed down. 
I breathed.
I ate good food with good friends.

We went to the arboritum.
We saw trees.
We touched trees.
We laid in an a amazing tree house.

And I smelled the most amazing magnolia.
I think my nose is sore from all the smelling.
But it smelled like candy, love and happiness
all wrapped up in a little blossom.
I didn't want to leave.
When we have a house of our own,
I need to have a magnolia like that.

It was such a great weekend I am 
having a hard time putting words to it.
When I actually take the time to see and truly enjoy 
what is around me, it's amazing. 

I feel so lucky today.
I hope you do too!

love ~tess


  1. That sounds like a super weekend. It's important to step back now and again and really appreciate what you have. And mine yesterday was being thankful for grandparents!!

  2. Lovely pics - love the old gnarly tree and the blossom. Sounds like a perfect weekend too :-) x

  3. Nothing like hanging out with trees, it's one of my favorite activities!


  4. Lenita ~ that is so true. And that reminds me that I need to call my grandparents. It's been too long since I spoke with them!

    Nikki ~ that gnarly old tree was amazing! Like a fairytale tree. I bet the fairies come out and dance around it at night.

    Ro ~ I love tree's. They're strong and I feel they have a motherly aura about them. They calm me down. David is actually a tree climber (it's not as dorky as it might sound!) He has a harness and uses ropes to poly himself up. I tried it once and it's really hard work. But one you get up there it's amazing.

  5. Great pictures - that purple bloom is amazing and I love that old tree.

  6. I love the rolls of the tree and the color of the blossoms.
    you guys are so cute together!


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