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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

silver appertif

I did a quick drive-by in the studio this morning to snap a photo for you.
I realize I have left you hanging,
possible wondering what this crazy swede was up to :o) 

I apologize. I have wedding brain at the moment.
I worry that I might walk out of the house with no pants on.

6 pairs of glorious earrings.
I started with 3 pairs but it just didn't seem like enough.
There are too many juicy colors in the world for only 3 pairs.
Not like 6 really is enough either. But it's a good start.
Plus it's my lucky number.

They're long.
Someone said that dangling earrings can't be too long.
I agree and thus made them LONG.
Dangling wonderfulness.

With filigree fluttering leaves...

A little Renaissance wax should do the trick and bring out the contrast..
Tomorrow there will be detailed photos of them, in all of their glory!
So I do hope you have patience to come back.

I am sending them straight to the little Etsy shop on Friday at 3pm.

I just realized it's mid week. YAY!
So close to the glorious weekend I can almost taste it.
Lazy mornings... Yummy breakfast meals with my scrumptious man...
Who got a new hair cut the other day and is looking even more handsome than usual!
And studio time galore!

See you tomorrow :o)
love ~tess


  1. They look great Tess, can't wait to see more pictures!

  2. Ohhhh and there was me reading you were sending them all to me!! ;0) can't wait to see more x

  3. thank you ladies!
    ha ha Jo, nice try :o)


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