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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

soup and cupcakes

oh no crown?...  you say with disappointment in your voice....

But I have a good excuse!
I came home from work with every intention to dive into the studio 
and do some work and then take photos... But life had other plans for me.

In the form of flowers... and a very handsome man...

David walked through the door with the most beautiful purple flowers.
He looked at me and said:
We forgot our anniversary.

Yikes! He was right.
In the midst of all this wedding planning 
we completely and utterly both forgot about our 5 years anniversary.
Granted we always argue as to which date that exactly might be.
I say the night we held hands under the table,
but he thinks a few days later when we kissed for the very first time.
Regardless it was most definitely before April 5th.

Needless to say I dropped my plans of studio and photos
for a romantic evening with my husband to be.
Soup and cupcakes with chocolate filling.
And an intense game of scrabble.

yeah I won ;o)

but  tomorrow there will be photos.
That I promise!

love ~tess

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