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Thursday, April 7, 2011

once upon a time...

there was a girl dreaming of a crown....

I couldn't help myself.
I oxidized it :o)
Don't you think the filigree just jumps off the silver now?
I kept the inside all matte silver so it wouldn't feel too dark.

I do think I love it.
Just hope I won't look silly wearing it....

I was inspired last night.
Swinging dangling roses.
I think these will knock your socks off when they're done.
Or at least I hope so.
 So prepare for cold toes.

They'll be in the shop tomorrow along with these:

Another LYCKA ring
with the color that makes my heart sign

That's it for now!

I'll be back to tomorrow with 
hopefully some more preview pics for the update :o)

And before I dash off to work I wanted to
say thank you again for stopping by and commenting, reading 
and basically making feel like I am not talking to myself or into outer space.

It's a warm and fuzzy feeling!

Thank you lovely ladies!


  1. The crown is just fabulous...of course you had to oxidize it!

  2. OH My TESS!!! Its stunnning you clever lady!! And those swinging Roses look fabulous ~ good job the sun is shining my flip flops are on!

  3. The crown is just stunning! You will look lovely wearing it. Tess, you are one talented lady!

  4. Ojojojoj.... Tess.... lost for words. That crown is probably one of the most gorgeous things I've ever seen. There's no way you'll look silly. You'll look amazing. I know it.

    Och jag tar gärna en av Lycka ringarna. Vilken som. Ktxhbai.

  5. Love that crown Tess!
    Oh and dudes read your blog too! :P

  6. Ahh you guys are the best!

    ha ha you know Bill, I almost added (and gents) when I was typing the post. Thank you for reading my blog! You must be sick of all the wedding stuff by now LOL

  7. That crown is amazing! They should commission you for the royal wedding!!!!!!! not that yours won't be............royal that is ;)

    xo Ro

  8. it is STUNNING Tess! YOU will be stunning on your special day!

  9. its a magical crown, love the patina.

  10. ~Love your crown
    ~Love your Work
    ~Love your blog

  11. The crown is amazing and oxidizing it really added to it. It's lovely and you will look wonderful wearing it! Can't wait to see the finished rose earrings!

  12. it is EXQUISITE Tess!
    you'll be perfectly resplendent!!!

  13. Tess, the crown is out of this world! It will sure become a family heirloom! Outstanding!!!

  14. Wow, It looks great! I am getting anxious for the event. I can't wait to see some photos. It will be perfect!

  15. Miss Tess- You will be a gorgeous bride and totally un-silly in your lovely crown! It's an amazing piece of heArt!

  16. Well yes - oxidised silver is just THE BEST. It looks absolutely awesome. You should set up an etsy tiara/crown shop! And there is no way you will look silly!

  17. Of course the crown must be oxidised! It is so 'you', Tess :-) You are going to look amazing on your big day, and your glorious crown will surely be a treasured family heirloom :-D

    Love your 'Lycka' Rings, and your Swinging Roses are divine!


  18. That crown is MESMERIZING & MAGNIFICENT!!! That filigree totally stands out! Brilliant! You will make a beautiful bride and I personally think your wedding will be FAR more intriguing then the ho-hum royal wedding! ;)

    Oooh, those Lycka rings....mmmm....

  19. Can't tell you how much your wonderful comments means to me! I LOVE YOU!

  20. You are going to be so beautiful, Tess!!!!

  21. That crown is a gorgeous work of art! What a wonderful family heirloom that will be in years to come. Lycka rings rock!

  22. amazing

  23. I just watched "Laila" (a film just revived from the 1928,original) A black & white orignal featuring a wedding with a beautiful crown like YOURS ! Your crown is so beautiful ! I read your note on Ro's blog, Along the Trail (she is my sister in law) and I wanted to comment on your beautiful , beautiful crown!
    All the Best,

  24. I agree with all of the rest, you will look magical and its lovely to see the crown finished--its just the right touch of oxidation to make the details pop!

  25. Thank you so much! I can't tell you how much all your comments means to me :o)

    Elizabeth thank you so much. I must see that film now!

  26. The crown is amazingly beautiful!

  27. I am a new follower and I just had to tell you that your work is some of the most amazing I have ever seen. The crown is just unbelievable!!!!


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