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"I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." by William E. Henley

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Let's talk about wrinkles today.
Not because it's the most fun thing to talk about.
But because I absolutely don't really want to talk about it.
so I really should. Are you following my logic?

I have always said that growing old is beautiful, 
and your face is like a map of your life...
And still I cringed when I saw photos of myself.
I felt like a hypocrite!

I took a closer look upon myself. Me and my wrinkles.
They are a part of me and deserve just as 
much love and attention as my favorite parts gets.

Crow feet around my eyes.
They are a sure sign I laugh a lot.
I really should say they are a tribute to how wonderful my life is.
I don't think one can laugh too much!

And the wrinkles on my forehead from pondering over heavy topics.
I am so happy I have a functional brain that challenges me everyday.
How dreadfully boring it would be not to have those internal 
conversations with myself everyday...

... and let's not forget about the wrinkles on my hands.
The road map for my adventures with silver and everything else.

I look down at my chipped nail polish and cracked skin 
and I think about everything these two hands have accomplished. 
It's actually a miracle they are still here.
If someone put me through so much everyday, surely 
I would quit and pack my bags and head for the hills. 
Still, there they are. Just hanging out. Never complaining. 
Eagerly awaiting my next move..

When I think about my layers...
My ruffles and roadmap of my life.
I feel good. I have done so much. Seen so much.
Maybe my layers and I can become friends after all.

on a separate note
Between wedding stuff....
(can you believe there is only 23 days left EEEEEK!)
I have been trying to squeeze in some metal and stones.

Maybe there will be a shop update next week? :o)

love ~tess


  1. The way I look at it is hey I'm 50 I have wrinkles so sue me.


  2. lmao when I read your title I laughed and thought I rather not talk wrinkles. Ageing is scary but I also want to grow old gracefully (well a little disgracefully) My friend is panicking about every little line on her face (we are both 40 eeek). Tess what I want to say is Thank you ~ you made is sound so much better!! I will quote you or even better show her!!

    I Look like this because I have LIVED!!


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