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Monday, April 25, 2011

It wouldn't have been Easter without some swedish eggs...
you have to keep an eye on the plate or the lurking kittie will try to get a taste...

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was fantastic :o)

minus a minor meltdown over my bridal hair trial..
I think I am over that now. It's just hair, right?

love ~tess


  1. It is just hair - hair that would look amazing on your special day!
    I promise!

  2. Those eggs look yummy and I am sure your hair will look beautiful.

  3. I hope you find the do for your day! Like everything else it will come . it really is hard planning something down to each detail for so long. it does get to you at times.
    just make sure on your special day...know everything cannot be perfect and laugh when it isnt!
    good luck on everything!

  4. Tess...looks wonderful....kitty's very impressed! I did so many practice runs for bridal hair when i remarried in 2001....french twists...updo's out the wazoo...well i switched to a different stylist at a very contemporary salon...and she worked magic...all went smoothly the day of....and it's just hair as you said...nothing to lose sleep over. ♥Sue

  5. ahh you guys are the best. Thank you for keeping me on the positive side!


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