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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lycka means...

 LYCKA rings 
it means happiness in Swedish

I've grown, learned and experienced from life.
Happiness, joy, sadness and loss.
Slowly I wrapped a protective layer around me.
To keep me safe from a broken heart and shattered dreams.

When you came along.
You saw past the wall and into my world.
With patience, love and dedication you started chipping away.
It started to crumble and an opening began to show.
Peeking out from my hiding place,
squinting in the light of your warm love, I found a new world.
Vulnerable, scared and excited I let you in.
Because of you I not only found myself again.
I found happiness.

These two LYCKA rings will be posted on Fridays shopupdate.  
I have 3 more in the works that I hope to include in the shop update.
I will post previews here so check back the next few days for more pics.

 A little sneak peak.

I didn't have time to take proper photos of my crown 
so hopefully tomorrow I'll be able satisfy your curiosity better!

Also on the wedding front I am happy to say that
I think we nailed down the ceremony and our vows :o)
It feels very honest and not formal or stiff.
Exactly what I had envisioned for us.

Can't believe it's only 46 days left!

I hope you are having a spectacular Tuesday
love ~tess


  1. Gorgeous and your crown is amazing ~ if that is a sneaky peek lol!!! 46 days I bet they are whizzing by Tess!!

  2. Ooohohohoh can not wait to see the finished crown! Love the rings too - so very cool! x


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