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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

cause nobody does it better...

hide and seek that is..

Did I tell you lately how special my little furball Lisa is? Sometimes I think my heart will explode with love. She is determined to cheer me up while David is away working..

I think it's working... *smiles from ear to ear*

If a box is open. She is in it. Or will be in it... shortly. That just how it works.. I don't think she ever met a box that she didn't like.

yep her head didn't fit through. She was NOT happy. At all.

I swear she sat in that box for another good 15 minutes before getting out. Now she is sleeping on the armchair next to me. Completely passed out. Must be exhausting sitting in boxes.



  1. cute post ~ love the pics ~ haha...

  2. this post has the best tags EVER. lol

  3. ha ha thanks guys! Glad I (and Lisa) could make you smile :o)


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