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Friday, June 11, 2010

intensely sore but happy

yep I bought it.. Got tired of complaining about the doughnut around my waist and decided I needed to do something extreme!

So I got the p90x and I am dedicated to follow through. It's a 90 days intense work out plus diet.
I am on day 3 now and I feel great. Super sore but great. The hardest part is actually finding time to cook all this food. I have been know as the person who skips breakfast (for 20 more minutes of snooze) and not always eating lunch.. and then eating WAY too much WAY too late in the evening.. Bad routines...

So now I have been cooking! eggwhite omelet for breakfast or protein shake... salads and soups for lunch.... and here's my 3 last dinners!Day 1 dinner
roasted red bell pepper soup
salmon with lemon dill sauce
wild rice and asparagus....

Day 2 dinner
chicken ( I was supposed to eat turkey but I forgot to buy it..) and I used the same lemon dill sauce tonight cause they diet thingie said gravy but I don't like gravy...

Green beans and butternut squash soup..

Tonight's dinner was Halibut with some pesto sauce, zucchini and wild-rice.. ha ha and I didn't see the little kitty lurking around on the table in the background.. Sneaky kitty trying to steal mom's halibut!

and look at these finger candies :o) I still have to solder bands to them and then I get to pick stones for them :o) I have a couple of options which is nice.. I was hoping to have them finished soon but it might not be until after next week. I will be traveling all next week and David will be back this weekend and I want to spend time with my sweetie before he goes back for another week :o( .. But maybe if he falls asleep I can sneak back in the studio.....

But right now it is past my bed time... I know I will be tired tomorrow.. and I have to get up early to make a steak/arugula salad for lunch...


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