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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wedding business

bridesmaid purses
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So the seller from Etsy that I wanted to use for the bridesmaid purses flaked out on me... :o(

But I think that was a good thing.. I am such a creative person and also a control freak.. Ha ha that is no surprise for you who know me personally...

So I decided to take this project on :o)

I bought fabric and went nuts! I had so much fun.. If you click on the picture it will take you to my Flickr account where there are more pics of my flower making..

I've just laid them out on the purses so they're not done.. I asked David what he thought and he wanted the flowers to be fuller, which I agreed with so I've added some more petals and they look so nice (if I may say so myself)...

I realized that I really really enjoyed working with fabric and I've missed that. Growing up we always had fabric around (since my mother makes textile art) so I was always cutting and sewing stuff. Ha ha much to my mothers distress! So it was nice to revisit this. So nice I think I can feel another business adventure coming on.... For now it's just an idea.. you'll have to wait and see what I'll come up with!

Have a wonderful week my friends!
love ~tess


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